August / September 2019

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TUCSON SOCIETY OF THE BLIND (TSB) P.O. Box 57655. Tucson, AZ 85732

TSB meets every Tuesday - 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Christ Presbyterian Church, 6565 E. Broadway
Come when you can and leave when you must. Bring a sack lunch.
For more information call Barbara, 298-2427 or Tom, 721-1029

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6 - Bill Martin, singer and guitarist ”Playing Johnny Cash, Willie Nelsen, & Others Favorites,” Chicken Nugget Potluck, stay until 12:15pm
9 - TSB Board Meeting 10:00am-1:00pm Biscuit Country Cafe 7026 E. Broadway
13 - Myrna Wilkens, “Demo of Iris Vision,”
20 - Dr. Brian McKay, “Research and Possible Treatments for Age-Related Macular Degeneration”

Jim Williams,” The Colorful Life of President Harry Truman”

30 - Pool & BBQ Party at John McCann’s, 8761 E Placita Bolivar, 9:00am-1:30pm



3 - Fernando Molina from Tucson Water, “Water conservation, Quality, and future of water supply in Tucson”
10 - Bob Kresmer, ”Learning about the National Federation of the Blind and the Governor’s Council” Let Barb know what you are bringing NEXT WEEK to the potluck
13 - TSB Board Meeting 10:00am-1:00pm Biscuit Country Cafe 7026 E. Broadway
17 - “Blind Actor Tom Sullivan’s Inspiring Story,” Wat are your goals? by Barbara Macpherson. Chili Hot Dog Potluck, stay until 12:15pm
24 - Tom Chambers, western singer. Tom will tell stories and play our favorite Western tunes.
27 - Field trip to KUAT TV Studio, meet at Taco Bell, 1818 E. Speedway, 10:15am

October 1 - Captain Justin Lane, East Division, “Fighting Crime & Ways to stay safe”

Save the Date:
Annual Meeting, Annual Elections and Thanksgiving Lunch - Nov 12, 2019


BBQ POOL PARTY on Friday, Aug 30

From 9:00am-1:30pm. TSB will provide hot dogs and hamburgers cooked on the grill. Please bring a side dish to share with others. The McCann’s have a fantastic pool, so wear your swim suit. There also is plenty of shade under the large back porch and there will be live music. Come join the fun, and please let Barbara know what food you are bringing. Address: 8761 E Placita Bolivar.


KUAT Radio & TV Studio Tour, Friday, Sept 27

TSB members will meet at 10:15am at Taco Bell, 1818 E. Speedway. Then we will go to the Second St. garage. Barb will have free garage passes provided by KUAT. From there we will go to the Modern Language Building and take the elevator to the basement. We will have an hour informative guided tour starting at 11am. We will learn all about the AZ projects and learn how PBS puts their local shows together. After the tour we will go to Gulin Chinese Restaurant, 4445 E. Broadway, 3207768, get a 2:00-2:30 Sun Van out. Be prepared for a delicious lunch about $8-10 a plate.


TSB Members Selling Jim Click Raffle Tickets

TSB members need to ask doctors and other service providers and family members to buy Jim Click tickets. All of the funds raised go to TSB. Tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100. The Grand Prize is a white Jeep 2019 Grand Cherokee Summit with all the options. Second prize is two first class round trip airplane tickets to anywhere in the world. Third prize is $5,000 in cash. To buy Jim Click raffle tickets contact Tom Young 721-1029. So far TSB has raised $700. Our goal is to sell $2,000 worth of Jim Click tickets. So all TSB members, see how you can help to sell tickets.


President’s Message by Barbara Macpherson

Many years ago I saw a documentary called, “Pack Your Parachute.” It was about a woman who was scared to death, but decided to do a parachute jump anyway. It took her two times to get enough courage to jump out of the airplane in tandem with an instructor. I know what you’re thinking, that you are not going to do sky jumping anytime soon. But the message rang true; what have you packed in your parachute today? This applies to vision loss. What do you tell yourself? What is a different way to achieve this task? Do you tell yourself to take one step at a time? When you are thinking about sky jumping, you spend much time preparing your chute. Have you prepared your environment for vision loss? Losing sight is scary. You don’t have to jump out of planes to be scared. Do you try a hard task more than once? Do you persist even when it is difficult? Are you willing to learn new things? Do you tell yourself that you can do more than you think you can? Every day I ask myself, “What attitudes have I packed in my parachute today? Have a Happy Fall and see you soon at a TSB meeting at Christ Presbyterian Church.

Warmly, Barb


News You Can Use by Barbara Macpherson
If you want to send a greeting card, head to the Dollar Tree, with a sighted companion, which has a good selection of cards, including Hallmark cards, for .50 cents. What a deal! At other places greeting cards can vary in price from $4-$6.

There are two handy products for the visually impaired that I am going to focus on, the Wilson Digital Recorder about $40, and the 2-Stage Liquid Level Indicator, $12.95. The Wilson Digital Recorder is handy for recording short messages, including phone numbers, when you can’t read or see your own handwriting. The recorder has three buttons, record, play, and delete, which makes it easy to use. See contact information on where to buy the products below.

For low vision & blind individuals, the 2-Stage Liquid Level Indicator will beep when liquid nears the top of a glass or cup. It has three prongs which hold it hanging over the lip of your glass or cup and it then detects liquid at two different levels. A slow beep will sound as liquid nears the top and a faster, higher pitched beep will sound once it has reached the top. No more glasses or cups flowing over. The 2 stage liquid indicator is only available at LSS, but the Wilson Digital Recorder can be purchased also at Maxi Aids and Independent Living Aids. All three companies will send free catalogs and require a minimum order of $75 for free shipping. Free catalogs for low vision aids: Independent Living Aids, 800-537-2118; LS&S, 800-468-4789; and Maxi Aids, 800-622-5294.


Eye Talk by Annie Schlessinger

Sun Van, family, friends and van service at my retirement complex help me get out and about. Recently I installed Uber and Lyft apps on my smartphone. Drivers go through a background and driving history check. When I requested a ride I was sent a picture of the driver, color of the car (white) and license number. A white car arrived, and when the driver called my name, I felt secure.

When I installed the apps I had to give a credit card number as no cash is involved. It is imperative that you give your precise location as a wait time fee is charged if the driver has to look for you. I was pleased with the service; my ride came in eight minutes. The driver was helpful and walked me to the door when requested. I added a tip on the app.

GoGoGrandparents 1-855-464-6872, available 24/7, uses Uber and Lyft. Despite the name there is no age limit for rides. You must be registered with a credit card on file. Minimum average base fare is $7.00 for short distances. Charge depends on time and mileage for Uber and Lyft, plus GoGoGrandparents charges a concierge fee of $0.27 per minute. Walkers and wheelchairs can be stowed but you must be able to get in and out of the vehicle. I called the number twice to get information and found them informative. A smartphone isn’t needed to use this service; you can call on any phone.

Tip: Doors left partially open such as cabinet, car, entry, and so forth, are a potential hazard. Arrange furniture so there is a clear path for walking and keep clutter out of walkways.


A New Book for Visually Impaired iPhone users, Getting Assistance on the iPhone by Judy Dixon

Numerous iPhone apps that can provide visual assistance to someone with vision loss have been released. Judy Dixon's new book explores many such visual assistance apps by guiding readers through the process of choosing and using the apps that will be most helpful. Since there are so many apps in the visual assistance category, it is next to impossible to know about them all or identify which ones are the most appropriate to match your needs. Once again, Judy Dixon and National Braille Press have solved that problem for us with a book that explores and evaluates many of the current visual assistance apps that will best suit our individual needs.

To explore them all would be a daunting, if not impossible task, yet that is exactly what Judy Dixon has done well for us in her new book, Getting Assistance with an iPhone, which is being released in various formats. You can get it in a one-volume hardcopy in braille, or as a download in BRF, DAISY text, or as a MS Word document. It will cost you $14.00. For information or to purchase the book go to National Braille Press, or call 800-548 7323. Other books by Judy Dixon include Writing, Composing, Editing on your iPhone or iPad and Go, Navigating your way using GPS Apps on the iPhone.


Walmart and Sam’s Clubs provide accessible prescription levels for the visually impaired

Walmart Bentonville, Ark., July 18, 2019 — Walmart and Sam’s Club are deeply committed to accessibility and medication safety for their blind, visually impaired and print-impaired pharmacy patients. To enhance their commitment, Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies provide En-Vision, America’s ScripTalk audible (i.e. “talking”) prescription labels at Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies across the United States.

Since 2012, Walmart and Sam’s Club have equipped almost 1,200 of their pharmacies to provide ScripTalk audible prescription labels at a patient’s request. More than 750 pharmacies have been equipped in just the past three years with 25 additional Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies (on average) set up to provide ScripTalk labels each month. Upon a single patient’s request for audible prescription labels, they will equip a pharmacy to provide ScripTalk. Once a pharmacy is equipped, usually within 7-10 days, the pharmacy provides ScripTalk labels to patients requesting them at no charge and without lengthy delays.

“The ScripTalk system is important to providing convenient and safe healthcare for our customers,” said JoAnn Stevens, Senior Director of Health & Wellness Compliance at Walmart. “We are proud this technology is available at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across the nation, and we look forward to adding more locations as patients ask for this free service at their local Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy. This service is free and available at all U.S. locations upon request.”

The ScripTalk labeling system, the industry leader in audible prescription labels, was developed by En-Vision America. To provide ScripTalk labels to their patients, the pharmacy places a RFID label on the bottom of a patient’s prescription bottle. The patient then places the bottle on a small, battery operated device called a ScripTalk Station, which is provided at no charge to the patient. The ScripTalk Station reads the prescription information out loud to the patient, including patient name, prescription number, drug name, dosage, use instructions, warnings, educational leaflets, and pharmacy information.

“We already have almost 1,200 Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs offering the ScripTalk system,” says Amanda Tolson, a director of En-Vision America, maker of the ScripTalk system. “Walmart is a leader in disability rights and we’re pleased to grow our partnership to benefit the visually impaired.” ScripTalk is also available at the Veteran’s Hospital. ScripTalk is available by Mail Order: Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, (Caremark) Humana, and Edna.

Call Envision America, 800-890-1180 or visit, to encourage your pharmacy to add Script Talk.

Walmart Pharmacies in Tucson providing Script Talk:

Walmart: 7150 E. Speedway, 722-8689

Walmart: 3926 E. Grant, 327-9555

Walmart: 5500 E 22nd St., 745-4527


New AZ Volunteer Travel ID Needed by Oct. 1, 2020

If you want to travel by airplane in the U.S. after Oct 1, 2020, you will need a passport or a new AZ Volunteer Travel ID Card (driver’s license with a gold star imprinted on it). This is a Federal requirement to update security. It cost $25 to get your new voluntary travel ID at the AZ Motor Vehicle Division. The ID is good for eight years as an identification card or as a driver’s license if you are under 65. If your age is 65 or older, the ID driver’s license will be valid for 5 years.

To get the Volunteer Travel ID you will need several documents. Bring a birth certificate or passport. Bring something that has your social security number on it. Bring two bills addressed to your home address. Make an appointment online. Also wear something with a collar for your picture. Hunter and I had the paperwork done within 30 minutes. We received a temporary ID and our permanent cards came 10 days later. AZ Motor Vehicle address: 1360 S. Stocker Dr. (near 22nd St and Sarnoff) 520-629-9808, The office is open from Monday- Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM.



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