October / November 2017

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1 - Gaslight Theater 7010 E. Broadway, Phantom of the Opera, for those who signed up, meet at 4:00 PM at Little Anthony's Diner. Request a Sun Van out at 8:15 PM.
3 - Meet the miniature horse and Clydesdale JJ and have your picture taken. Then at 11:00am, State Senator Steve Farley will come to talk about Transportation & Other issues. Steve is a Democratic candidate running for governor in 2018. Includes pizza lunch, stay until 12:30 PM
6 - Pool BBQ at John McCan 11AM-1:30PM. 8761 E. Placita Bolivar, Hamburgers and hot dogs provided by TSB. Sign up with Barb to bring side dishes and desserts. Vicki cell 520-465-6197
10 - Jon Litz " How Physical Therapy Can Help You,"
13 - TSB Board meeting 10Am-1:00PM, Biscuit Country Cafe, 7026 E. Broadway
17 - Clarke Romans " The mental health issues in AZ & where to get local help
24 - Jeopardy with host Annie Schlesinger
31 - Halloween Party with David Prouty playing spooky music on the piano. Dress in costume or wear a funny hat


7 - Dr. Nicholas Clement " How to Catch a Swamp Frog" & other stories, started an educational foundation to provide books for children in Tucson
10 - TSB Board Meeting, 10 AM-1PM, Biscuit Country Cafe, 7026 E, Broadway
12 - Christina Vivona, Harp & Flute Concert, classical music, 3:00 PM, 122 N. Craycroft Road, Rincon Congregational Church of United Christ, donation requested
14 - Annual Meeting and Delicious Thanksgiving turkey luncheon with all the trimmings provided by Tony's Deli. RSVP by Nov 7 to Barb. Stay until 12 PM See details below
17 - Field trip to Picacho Peak Park and Rooster Coburn Ranch, meet at Burger King, 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM return. See details below
21 - TSB closed
28 - Barbara Macpherson, " Self Defense & Safety Tips for the Visually Impaired"

Save these dates:

Dec. 1 TSB Field Trip
Dec 5 Star Spangled Seniors Holiday Show
Jan 16 Tucson Expo, 9-1 Doubletree Hotel Reid Park, 445 S. Alvernon Way 9 AM to 1 PM, TSB will have a booth.
Feb 15 and Feb 16 TSB Rodeo Concert, Fellowship Square

  Annual Meeting Nov 14, Thanksgiving Lunch stay until noon

TSB members will vote on candidates running for TSB Board of Directors and proposed changes to the bylaws. If you want to run for the board, you must let Erma our president know before the October board meeting. Possible board candidates will need to be approved by the current board in order to run for the board. No nominations will be accepted at the annual meeting according to our bylaws. TSB members must be in good standing and paid their dues for 2017 in order to vote. Proposed changes to the bylaws will be available at the general meetings two weeks prior to the annual meeting for the membership to study, or by email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The membership will hear the Annual Report by the President, Erma Seal and the Annual Financial Report and Annual Budget given by the Treasurer, Vicki Postula.
Thanksgiving Lunch will be provided by the TSB Board. Please RSVP by Nov 7 to Barb, so she knows how much food to order. The delicious turkey luncheon will be catered by Tony's Deli located at 22nd St and Wilmot. The menu includes turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, roll, tossed green salad, vegetables, cranberry sauce, and two kinds of pie for dessert. Stay until noon.

  Upcoming Programs

Friday Nov 17 Field trip & picnic at Picacho Peak Park and Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch: TSB will enjoy a picnic of Submarine Sandwiches, chips and cookies in beautiful surroundings of Picacho Peak Park and then go on walks or hikes on paved paths. Cost $5 for lunch. Later we go to Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch to feed ostriches, donkeys, goats, deers, ducks, and birds as well as look at stingrays. Cost $10 per person. It is fun to have animals lick food from your hand. RSVP to Barb by Nov 14. Meet at the Burger King 10 N. Wilmot by 9:00 AM. If eating breakfast please eat earlier. We are leaving by 9:05 AM as it takes an hour to get to Picacho Park. Request a 4:00 PM Sun Van out of the Burger King.


Large Print 2018 Calendars Available at TSB for $8: Large Print 2018 Calendars are handy to keep track of appointments. Get yours today for $8 from Vicki today.

Buy 2017 Jim Click Tickets & Support TSB: The grand prize this year is a cherry red SUV Van which holds seven passengers and is loaded with many options and worth $54,000. If you win, you can take the SUV Van or the money. 2nd prize: two tickets to anywhere in the world. 3rd Prize: $5000 in cash. WOW!
Raffle tickets are $25 each or 5 for $100. All the funds go to TSB to fund our outstanding programs. To purchase tickets, contact Tom Young, 721-1029. TSB placed in the top 90% of the sellers last year and our goal is to do that again in 2017. The Raffle drawing will be December 14, 2017 and TSB will turn in tickets on December 1st. So far TSB is half of the way to our goal having raised $1100 so we need all TSB members to get out there and sell tickets.

Check out our TSB website: TSB is proud of our website. Wesley has posted the biographies of the current Board Members. Also check out our Sponsor menu button to learn about our new sponsor. We also post the TSB Newsletter, this is a great way to share about TSB with your friends or read it online if you misplace your copy, plus go to the website to check the calendar. Also, don't miss looking at the latest photos of TSB members under photo albums. Our web address is: www.tucsonsocietyoftheblind.org

Information Line: call 408-752-8052
If you have unlimited long distance, you can hear the top news and business stories from ABC News and check the weather anywhere in the U.S. Also, there is Tech News and Sports updates. This is a handy service to keep current. To use: say News Center, then Top Stories, Business, or Weather. Sometimes you have to say it twice before the information line recognizes you.
AZ Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living Blind Division: The AZ Vocational Rehab-Blind Independent Living Division has a new system where all clients must apply to the state to receive services such as
independent living services, assistive technology and Orientation & mobility. Even if you wish to receive services from SAAVI, you still have to go through the state. Once on the list, you can check back to see where you are on the wait list.

Important Numbers
AZ State Rehab, Ask for Blind& Independent Living Services: 888-282-9857
AZ Braille & Talking Book Library: 800-255-5578 or 602-255-5578, sign up for NFB Newsline, free movies on DVD with audio description
Cox Cable Specialized Support: 855-512-8876
Desert Low Vision: 520-881-3439, now the only place in Tucson to buy visually impaired products
Great Call: Jitterbug Cell Phone: 800-733-6632
Information Line 1-408-752-8052

  Erma’s Eye Opener
The Power of Peppermint

The Power of Peppermint: Peppermint (Mentha piperita) can do much more for you than most people realize. It can settle an upset stomach, clear up nasal congestion, and ease joint and muscle pain. An herb that is a hybrid of two mints; spearmint (Mentha spicata and water mint (Mentha aquatic). Peppermint’s active compounds are menthol and menthone. Our nerve endings seem to respond to menthol, which results in a cooling sensation that helps to calm inflammation. In addition to tea, peppermint is available in essential oil and capsule form and can help a variety of health problems

.Mild digestive ailments, such as cramps, bloating, or gas - Drink a tea using one or two teaspoons of dried peppermint leaf per eight ounces of hot water, one to three times daily.
Colds and Coughs - The Menthol in peppermint is a decongestant that helps ease breathing and opens respiratory passages. Drinking peppermint tea (as above) can help.

Headaches - Apply two drops of peppermint oil, one to three times daily to the forehead or temples. In small amounts, essential oil is less likely to irritate the skin.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - Peppermint oil in capsule form can reduce IBS symptoms such as abdominal pain and gas. Consider taking one or two enteric-coated peppermint oil capsules, two or three times daily between meals. (This coating enables the capsules to pass through the stomach to the intestine.)

Sore muscles and joints – Rub in cream containing peppermint to relieve pain. Try: Badger Sore Muscle Rub, Cooling Blend (800-603-6100, www.BadgerBalm.com).

Caution: Don’t use peppermint internally if you have heartburn because it may aggravate the condition. In essential oil form, peppermint can cause an asthma flare-up in some patients with asthma.

Start Your Day with Whole Grains: Carbohydrates are an essential source of energy. Choosing the right carbs makes all the difference in whether you end up with a jolt of energy or in need of a nap. Start your day with a sugar-coated white-flour pastry, and you’ll tank in two hours. Your blood sugar is at an all-time low first thing in the morning. But shocking it with refined sugars and carbs will leave you drowsy and less able to concentrate by mid-morning. Opt instead for whole grains with a savory spin such as avocado-smeared whole-wheat toast, oatmeal with nut-butter, or low-sugar scones with oats, nuts, and cheese.

Chuckles: At age 20 we worry about what others think of us. At age 40 we don’t care what others think of us. At age 60 we discovered others weren’t thinking of us at all.

To everyone: Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.
-        Lovingly, Erma Seal, President

  News You Can Use by Barbara Macpherson

Last month I talked about audio description. The Century Movie Theaters now have a new headset to hear the descriptive narration of the movie. The biggest advantage of the new head set is that there are no cords to trip over. I went to a workshop on Self Defense and Suzi Gunn talked about what to wear to make yourself more visible to drivers. I will be doing a presentation on Nov 28, "Self Defense and Safety Tips for the visually Impaired." Suzi suggested wearing an orange or yellow vest, (Which can be bought at Walmart) over your clothes, with neon hat and shoes. Bring a flashlight at night and don't wear black during the day. Keep your cane to the side. Also, the cuckoo in the audio traffic lights indicate north-south and the chirping bird is east-west. Other tips include being aware of your surroundings, don't wear ear buds, and if a stranger ask, "How much can you see?" Have an answer ready such as, "I have low vision, but I can see you up close well." Your best defense is your own voice, yelling, "Back Off!'

As I lose more vision, I have to work harder to accomplish daily tasks. There is no magic bullet, but these principles help. Have a positive attitude, learn all you can, don't be afraid to try new things, set up a supportive network of family and friends, and have faith that there is a way to accomplish that difficult task.

  Tech Bytes by Wesley Derbyshire

With an estimated 20 million blind and low-vision people in the United States, expanding their possibilities that provide greater confidence and independence has been the goal of Aira.

Everywhere you go and everything you do can incorporate a guide who describes your surroundings, giving you the freedom to effectively do what you want, when you want. Aira’s service works on wearable devices, such as Google Glass and their own Aira Smart Glasses, each which can be paired with smartphones. They cover the costs for your glasses and all of the data under their subscription plans. The glasses are just like sun glasses, allowing low vision users to still see their surroundings. Real-time requests are accessed through the tiny camera and microphone mounted on the wearable device, and instant feedback is spoken by Aira Agents who safely guide you through any activity whenever and wherever you have access to a cellular connection.

When I tested the device at the NFB state conference, I walked into the atrium where the agent described the room in detail and notified me of persons or objects that were in my path. Although I knew where the bathroom was, I asked to get guided there, and the agent initially guided me down a side hallway that led to more break out rooms. After returning to the main hallway, the agent noticed an alcove that likely was the bathroom entrance, but the lighting was so dim that reading the sign was difficult. However, the agent did correctly identify the bathroom when a man entered the room. I further tested distance viewing asking the agent to find where the escalators were located. Within moments I was standing in front of the escalators, clearly demonstrating the usefulness of the Aira service.

The glasses and pocket sized cellular data unit are included as part of the monthly fee, or users may pair the device through their own smart phone. A great service for blind persons where independent travel is essential. Starting at $89 per month and stepping up to $329 per month for unlimited usage, Aira will most likely be used for work rather than pleasure. Call 858-876-2472 or visit their website at www.aira.io

Thanksgiving Jokes

What kind of music did the Pilgrims like?
Plymouth Rock

Why can't you take a turkey to church?
They use FOWL language.

Why was the Thanksgiving soup so expensive?
It had 24 carrots.

What happened when the turkey got into a fight?
He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

What do you get when you cross a turkey with a banjo?
A turkey that can pluck itself!

What do you call a running turkey?
Fast food.

What did baby corn say to mama corn?
Where's popcorn?

Why do the pants of pilgrims keep falling down?
Because their belt buckles are on their hats!

Why did they let the turkey join the band?
Because he had the drumsticks

Happy Thanksgiving to all!




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