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Welcome to the Tucson Society of the Blind, TSB, website. TSB provides social and educational programs for those individuals with low or no vision. TSB provides valuable resources on coping with blindness and vision impairment. It is wonderful to meet other visually impaired seniors who can act as mentors and provide emotional support.

Join Us at our Weekly Meetings

   Tuesday mornings from 9:30am- 1:00pm.
   Christ Presbyterian Church
      6565 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ
   Includes topic as noted on our calendar, followed by games.



7th: Jim Williams, “The Life and Times of Raul Castro, the first Hispanic Governor”

10th: TSB Board Meeting at 10:15 AM

14th: Barbara Macpherson, “Overlooked Resources for Persons with Visual Impairment and the Philosophy of Blindness,” and at 11:30-1:30 PM -Manny’s Basic iPhone class

21st: Representative Morgan Abraham will talk about funding education, and water and environmental issues in Arizona, Pizza Party, stay to 12:15 PM

21st: Lesson with Manny on the iPhone on Zoom 6:30 - 8:30 PM

28th: No meeting at church - Vacation Bible School 


5th: No meeting - 11:30 AM luch at Olive Garden 5410 E. Broadway, Pay for your own lunch. Get 1:00-1:30 PM out.

9th: TSB Board Meeting at 10:15 AM

12th: Jeff Babson, biologist - “Desert Animals, attraction and Mating”

19th: Senator Stephanie Stahl Hamilton will talk about Arizona issues such as funding of education and environmental issues

19th: Lesson with Manny on the iPhone on Zoom 6:30 - 8:30 PM

26th: TBA

27th: Gaslight Theater, 5:00 PM, 7010 E. Broadway Blvd , “Ghost Busters” Come join us for a fun night with supper at Little Anthony and then watch the funny and interactive Gaslight play and oleo. We have reserved 25 seats, at $22 each with seats in the first two rows and the fourth row. Deadline to pay your money for reservation is July 19 or send check to: Barbara Macpherson, 9862 E Creek St., Tucson, AZ 85730.


2nd: Christine Vivona, Playing glorious harp music

Tips for the Visually Impaired: Marking and labeling and locating objects - Eye Talk by Annie Schlesinger

Similar-shaped items may be labeled with a product called “Hi-Marks”, which is a three-dimensional liquid, or with “Puff Paint”, sold at fabric and craft shops. Marks may be applied in Braille or using any coding system of dots or lines. Tactile stickers can be used or you can wrap items with rubber bands.

Record information with the voice-labeling system called “PenFriend.” Self-adhesive labels are applied and can be recorded and re-recorded. You can then scan and instantly play back the recording.

Currency can be folded in different ways to indicate the values, or you can keep different bills in different compartments of your billfold or purse. Try to practice identifying coins by feel. They are each unique.

One of my favorites is using raised dots or bumps to mark microwaves buttons, thermostats, keys, and much more. I put a dot on the top of a polarized electric cord and then easily know which way to plug it in.

Phone numbers are easy to memorize and find by touch. The number 5 usually has a raised bump on it for getting your bearings on the keypad.

Purchase a luggage locator to put in the outside pocket of your airport luggage and put the remote on your keychain. When the bags come out, hit the remote and you will hear your bag beeping. Similar items are available to attach to keys, etc. Use a brass safety pin coding system to identify color of clothing or use iron-on patches in various sizes and shapes. You can place a brass safety pin on one corner of a fitted sheet to identify and match the corner of the bed where that sheet corner goes. 
Many banks and credit card companies offer a toll-free number where you can use your phone’s dial pad to access information on your account.

Timothy: Cactus walking with a white cane, dark sun glasses, and white cowboy hat.

Volunteers Needed


TSB needs sighted volunteers to:

  • drive
  • assist with activities
  • help with luncheons, field trips, and fund raising events

IRS #  84-1636485
TSB is a 501c3 Organization

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Or mail your donations, which is 100% tax-deductible to:

Tucson Society of the Blind
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Tucson, AZ  85732

Thank you for your support

For membership and general information contact:

Barbara Macpherson, President
  (520) 298-2427

Tom Young, Director
  (520) 721-1029

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